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Need medical Help

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have no job no monny need lab work and lung test i live in indiana lost my job do to

have no job no monny need lab work and lung test i live in indiana lost my job do to heath i cant get medicad iam 51 and have sold allmost all i have worked for but my home so far please help .
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kamil786   in reply to Starshine   on

Oregon Free Medical Clinics and Free Dental Clinics

I am looking for a good psychiatrist who can help my younger brother. he has some sever psychological problems. he loses his temper, sleep, he reacts and get angry. he follows some supernatural orders and says that people are looking for him. he cries and weep after he reacts when he comes to his normal condition. he is a students of graduation. sometimes he remembers a girl and wants to meet her. i am very upset, and worried about him. please help me.
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Orange County , CA Helping Homeless


To access the medical, dental services, phone number change and more listed below. 

 We are servants who provide free care and assistance to those in need and act as advocates for systemic change.

To carry out this mission, Share Our Selves (SOS), with the help of over 750 volunteers, provides free assistance to those in need of basic living essentials:

    * Medical services
    * Social services
    * Family Center

    * Dental services
    * Comprehensive CARE Center

"You (SOS) have a heart of gold, for without you it wouldn't have been possible to have such happiness. I hope you understand my letter (my words are full of imperfections). But I really want you to know how grateful I am for all you done for my children - they are the most important thing in the world to me." - anonymous client.

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Oregon Free Medical Clinics and Free Dental Clinics

Are you needing free medical or dental help? If so then Click the link for information regarding free dental or free medical clinics in your area. Just click the link to find the nearest one by you.

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About Crystal04

My name is Crystal and I am trying to find some help for my parents. My mom and dad were in a car accident and they did not have car insurance. The accident was not their fault but because they didn't have insurance they can not get help. They lost their new car and my mom was injuried and she can't get any more help because she does not have health insurance. The doctor my mom seen told her not to work and she ended up losing her job. She has a great deal of unpaid medical and has been sued once already. My dad is fine and is working but unable to pay for all the bills form the accident. She needs to continue to get medical help but no one will see her because of no insurance or money up front. It has been over a 1 1/2 years now and she is thinking about filing bankrupt because of all these bills they really need some help where can they get it there has to be something or someone. PLEASE HELP!!

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About mikedepend

i have no car no job and i need medical attention. i was working for min wage till just before christmas, but have not felt good since then. my mom paid for me to go see my 5 year old daughter in another state as my christmas present. then i had to ask her to move back home cause i had lost my job. my ex has applied for medicaid, so i need to get better so i can pay.i also get my daughter in the summers, and every other school year. I went to er they did blood work and xrays, say they were ok, but i still am having a lot of pain in my chest and lungs. coughing up green and brown stuff,i was a smoker, but have quit about a week. this pain is so bad. they said i need a specialist. but i have no insurance.i have no money. my dad is disabled and my mom is the only one working. she doesnt have hardly enough to cover bills and food. what can i do i am only 25 years old.

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In need of surgery ASAP, don't have the money, I need help....

I am a single mother of three, working full time and going to school full time,
I have been sick continuously for the last 2-3 years and I am not getting any better
and I won't without having surgery.  The surgery isn’t covered by my insurance.
I need $5800 for the surgery.  I am working to try and come up with the money
but I need the surgery ASAP, and I won’t have all the money together if gods willing until October time frame.   Is there anyone that could help me so I can have the surgery sooner?  Even $1 would help, whatever it is would be greatly helpful and appreciated so that I can have the surgery and get back on my feet to living like I need to be living.  It's affecting my every day to day living, and it makes it difficult when I have deadlines to meet. 

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I am a single mother of three, I work full time and I go to school fulltime. I need surgery which I have to pay for up front. I need $3000, and I need to have the surgery ASAP, as I am not getting any better and it is affecting my day to day living. i can come up with some of the money, but I need assistance with getting the rest. I found a physician that will do the surgery for $3000.

I have my kids to take care of and I want to get back to normal! Any amount would help towards the surgery, even if it's just $1.00, I would greatly appreciate any help that maybe given.

Thank you in advance!
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